About our Workshops

Did you Ever thought of attending a workshop on a latest technology like cloud computing and could not attend the same as you felt it too costly for you? We at Tekinar try to make training programs more affordable, we do this by various ways, but never compromise on quality.

Our trainers are Certified and Highly experienced in their respective technology areas. When you want to learn a new technology, what is your goal? It must be to become an expert in the technology area and deliver your best in the workplace.

We understand your needs and Goal of our all activities is to improve your performance at workplace and create new career opportunities for you. To achieve this, we focus more on hands on experience based on sample projects, because unless you go through a complete project life cycle using a technology, you cannot be confident about using it in your real workplace.


At Tekinar, you may not expect central air conditioning, Five Star Lunch or Luxury Furniture. But you can definitely expect high quality practical training that enables you to implement it at your workplace on the same day ! Come, attend our highly effective and affordable training programs!

Tekinar Advantage

Hands on Training

All our training are fully practical.  First we list and set some goals and try to solve technical problems. Once you are able to solve the problems then explanation follows. If anyone learns by doing, then it is imprinted in your mind permanently and easy to remember in future.

Explanation with Simple Real life Examples

We conducted lot of research on teaching methodologies and found that people understand concepts better when real life examples (no matter how silly they look!) are given. After we got 100% positive feedback on our delivery style, we are now following the same methods and also continue our research on finding more and more ways for better teaching methodologies .

Scenario Based Learning

When we include in the syllabus – real life scenarios or technical problems that should be solved, learners show more interest. All the lessons that you learn are based on some real life scenario or a problem that you try to solve using technology.

Certified & Experienced Trainers

Our trainers are highly experienced in their respective fields and also Certified in their technology areas and Training methodologies . 

Interactive Sessions:   

All our training programs are fully interactive, we try to clear all your doubts either it is in the listed curriculum or anything new.

Affordable Fee 

Tekinar was started with the objective to help everyone who is eager to learn something new with the fee structure common people can afford. 

Post Training Support

This is one of the important things normally no training company dare to provide. But we are always here to help you resolve / answer your queries. We have setup a dedicated helpdesk for this purpose and you will be connected directly with the trainers who trained you.

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